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Vault of midnight speed dating

This is not an exercise in precision but more an aid in understanding and communication.

Study this guide, and use it as a framework to develop your skills and stay on track.

An exception to this rule is allowed for Spiel-A-Thon, Puzzle Hunt, and Game Show where one person may sign up their entire 4 person team.

It's your turn to be captain/engineer/pilot of a starship hurtling through space and encountering alien races. See this thread: Artemis Room at BGGcon 2013 which includes a training video and general instructions. If you think you’re up for it, come for your chance to snag the game of your dreams. You may find a wonderful bargain or you may find the game at the going price but you won’t have to pay shipping! If you want to sell games, watch for the sign-up thread in the fall.

night in the winter of 1996, Rob Eaton, a recording engineer who’d worked with Duran Duran and Pat Metheny, showed up at the home of a high-school chemistry teacher in Petaluma, California.

The other boxes contained dozens more tapes, similarly degraded.

Unless otherwise noted, the event sign-ups will be posted 24-hours before the event begins.

You are allowed to signup yourself and one other person.

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday nights at 8pm and again at 9pm we'll host an event of 8 designers each sitting at a table.

Then every 6 minutes a new publisher will come to the table to hear your 6 minute pitch about your game.

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Which means, of course, that men everywhere are invariably going to do it.