Outlook display name not updating

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Outlook display name not updating

You’ll also see it when you create a message rule with the “through the specified account” condition (for instance, to automatically move it to another folder).

The name of your mailbox is what you see in the Navigation Pane on the left in Outlook or when you are for instance using the Move to Folder dialog.

We made the changes on our local AD and synched them O365. The online (and offline) GAL still shows a last name of Smith and an alias of "jsmith". How can we get Jane's new name change to appear on O365?

The solution: The answer is that you didn't do anything wrong.

This page shows you how to change an Exchange mailbox account name (the name in the From field when composing a new message and in File, Account Settings, Email) and the Exchange Mailbox (including accounts) data file name shown in the Navigation pane.

Using Outlook 2010 and newer with an Exchange server or mailbox, you cannot edit the Folder list name you see in the Navigation pane, but it's easy to change using a macro or script.

It also does not control how others save your name in their contacts (you will see this saved name on emails they send to you).

Since the last few Outlook versions, Outlook names your email account and mailbox folder set after your email address.

Not sure why no one else has this issue but when I send emails my display name is just my email address.You can make changes to your display name - the name seen by recipients of your emails.This only applies to emails sent from and does not affect accounts on your i Phone or other clients.Failing to do so makes it harder for your recipients to find emails from you, if they search by name." has its own database, where it stores -among other things- your first and last name, only used for financial services or other types of official transactions between you and Microsoft.You can also edit that information right from a Hotmail / window - start by signing into your account.

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