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Invalidating mother

I know it doesn't feel that way, but the reason I say it is this: you know what’s going on.The fact she is probably narcissistic (and certainly abusive enough to make you consider that she may be narcissistic) is a major advantage to you.But even then, he’s talking about more “control” than I’ve ever seen demonstrated. Since my whole world seems to be persisting, apparently I’m not directly observing any of it. He should have forgone the use of the word, “everything.” He should have spelled out exactly what he was talking about.

After raising some of the principal challenges, four legal remedies for this complex mode of parenting are considered.

Although he seems to include just enough kernels of truth to make me think the whole thing is true, this is another example of one of LRH’s completely unattainable platitudes. Then again, maybe MEST is a problem because I’ve refused to accept full responsibility for it. I’ve heard people say LRH wasn’t talking about MEST, he was only referring to things in the theta universe, or facsimiles in the mind, or the emotional content of engrams.

Maybe if I’d been Buddha or Gandhi in another lifetime I would have fully understood… LRH said the “public knows us by our MEST.” And since MEST is a problem, is he saying the public knows Scientology by their problems? If this is so, he should have used a different vocabulary.

I have spoken with a lot of DONMs in these various situations, and here are my thoughts on the topic, informed by those conversations.

Judge what I say on its own merits and see if it makes sense to you, rather than taking it as any kind of gospel.

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