Hot chatting sample

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Hot chatting sample

These are the ones that start off text conversations with, “Hey there” or, “How’s your week been so far? Steal this text #1 Instead try something like this: The great thing about this type of text is that it’s short, requires minimum commitment from her to reply and gets her curious.

Otherwise things just get boring and she won’t feel a connection. I'm no weatherman, but you can expect more than a few inches tonight. " If I was a cat I'd spend all my 9 lives with you." "Girl, I can give you what a thunderstorm can, 10-12 inches and you won't be able to leave the house for 2 to 3 days! I know you haven't been studying, You must want the "D" I'm not a photographer....I can picture us together. " Girl: "I thought it was a penny" Boy: "I think your thoughts are worth more! She was the prettiest, most popular girl in school, and she'd flirted with me and chased after me hard for close to a year -- in fact, she'd already asked me out about 6 months earlier (I'd been too scared to say "yes").But by the time out, she'd largely given up on me -- the window had passed, and she'd moved on.

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He says: Man chase I really have been in a funk lately.