Gridview update not updating celestial dating 17 rate date

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Gridview update not updating

The Grid View Data Column containing the same property does change though.The collection used in the Item Source (Contract Notes) is an Observable Collection of objects of type Contrac Note.Contract Note has the property Is Eco Generated, and it implements , the Notify Property Changed is also triggered on the setter of the property.Can you give me a hint on what I'm doing wrong, or what I need to do to get the grid to update/refresh?

You should inform the Grid View that the collection has changed. The property (Is Visible) is being set in the Model.

Today() End Sub Protected Sub Page_Save State Complete(sender As Object, e As Event Args) Handles Me.

Find Control("BATCH_NOLabel") Dim title As String = "Batch Curve for " & mylabel.

The command that sets the property 'Is Eco Generated' is a command on the View Model.

Hi Odd Veibust, Do you set the value of the 'Is Eco Generated' property from the UI or from code behind?

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