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An Atlanta grandmother got the shock of her life when she called Comcast to activate her new cable box.

When she called the number Comcast printed on her equipment receipt, she reached an adult sex chat line instead. I just like hung up the phone and I had to call my husband in to call again because I thought maybe I’d made a mistake,” Dora Nopple told an Atlanta TV station.

If you ever wanted to know what happens on a chat line this film, without question, reveals all.

While the subject matter is rather unique, phone sex has been around since the 1980s.


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The German provisions, however, often call for the balancing of competing interests and the application of the principle of proportionality.Also, say for example a female who is aged 16 in mississippi wants to hook up with a man who is 60.Assuming she consents, can they legally have sexual intercourse?“I just couldn’t believe that a company as large as Comcast is not aware of what they’re putting on receipts for their customers to call.” Sure enough, when a reporter from WAGA-TV dialed the number on the bottom of her receipt, a porn line answered the call. “Comcast sincerely apologizes to our customer who called the number typed on their receipt and was unexpectedly connected to an adult phone service,” the Comcast statement reads.“This was simply a human error resulting from a temporary employee who inadvertently typed an 800 number prefix for what should have been an 888 prefix.” Comcast believes the error was a one-time event, limited to that single customer.

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