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Dating campagnolo brakes

Regina's offerings were usually the item of choice. (Trade show catalogs showcase the upcoming model year.) As far as I know, no changes in 1990 for Record, Croce D'Aune and Chorus. Record & Croce D'Aune dated March 1988, Chorus & Athena dated April 1988, Euclid dated September 1988, Rims dated November 1988, Syncro & Synt dated February 1988. Catalog contains exploded assembly views of all components and detailed parts break-down and assembly.Campagnolo's early index shifting systems are reputed to work best with Regina Syncro freewheels and asymmetrical chains. Croce D'Aune & Chorus contents identical to previous year. The only known parts information available for late 1980's equipment, these catalogs were individually serial numbered and distributed only to authorized dealers in a hardcover binder. Logos are now printed on the crank arms and Delta caliper covers instead of being engraved.Sometime in late 80's or early 90's, Campagnolo introduced the "century" and "graphite" finishes to their product lines.Century was strictly for Record, and was a sort of smokey chrome.Graphite was available in the "lesser" component groups, and was a darker, opaque grey/black.

This rare frame belongs to times when each frame was manually brazed by the master builder himself. The De Rosa “Record Strada Elaborata” is signor Ugo’s decorative response to Colnago’s “Pantografata” model, who was already into mass production by that time compared to De Rosa who was still hand crafting his frames himself.

I have a hard time using catalogs as cannon in these situations - you'll also note that the last generation criss-cross style (often called the 5 pivot style) was available by then, and all delta's in the catalog sport black accordians and wheel guides. The Chorus cranks above have a '51' in a box for a date code, which I've been led to believe indicates 1989.

Sometimes considered the last (and best) year of the "C-Record" era.

Not only that, but mountain bikes were sweeping the market, dominated by Japanese component groups.

Between 19, Campagnolo introduced C-Record, Chorus, Croce d'Aune, and Athena -- each with a different derailleur design.

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