Consolidating process will consolidating my debt stop garnishment

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Consolidating process

My daughter really likes the AP honor classes, so for her it's going to be beneficial for her," Rockville resident, Stephanie Lawson said.

"I'm happy that they're finally consolidating, I wish they would have when I was in school," Cole Butler said.

"I graduated in 1976 and it probably should have happened then," Rockville resident, Jeff Cooper said.

"I'm looking forward to my daughter having more class opportunities, that's it.

As of now, a school name and mascot have yet to be decided but it will be a long summer, full of planning and input from students. "We want students to have ownership of the process and make it a fun and exciting process for them," Ashley said.

While there's a long standing history within each school that the consolidation hopes to honor, many are excited to move forward.

Cole is a senior at Rockville High School."My graduating class has 44," Cole said.

Cole says he once took an engineering class that only had three other students, not only that he's a member of the track and cross country team, that only had 6 to 7 members when it takes 7 to make a team.

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When two neurons fire at the same time repeatedly, they become more likely to fire together in the future.

Eventually, these two neurons will become sensitized to one another.

ROCKVILLE, IN - Rockville and Turkey Run schools have a rich history.

And Parke County school board members hope to keep that alive during their consolidation. "All of our memoribilia to make sure we preserve that, student academic programs, transportation, busing routes, building improvements," Rockville High School principal Dwight Ashley said. Ashley, tells me students from each school and board members will take part., that includes determining the name, color and mascot of the new school.

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In order to understand how memory consolidation works, it's helpful to understand how synapses work in the brain.

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