Christian dating no chemistry madeline zima dating

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Christian dating no chemistry

But at least among my Christian friends when I was young, the idea of being very physically attracted to each other was sort of a lesser priority.

As if love could overcome being only "sort of" attracted to someone.

The relationship with this man seems lacking in passion because he represents the opposite of what you know and the qualities and characteristics he brings to your life offer balance and stability.

Let me be clear, I have absolutely nothing at against those who love online dating.

Have you had a similar relationship experience such as the one below? The relationship pattern you have developed dictates that love is equated to instability.

Right now, you feel more comfortable in a relationship which provides a sense of not knowing from day to day where you stand in love.

I strongly believe that God brings people who represent what can be in love as a gift and opportunity to work through the those barriers which prevent you from accepting and receiving his love fully.

If you end the relationship, you will more than likely repeat your relationship pattern and experience another heartbreak.

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If your home life was filled with drama and instability, you will gravitate towards men who bring that element to the relationship.