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The new law is touted to reach beyond the battle against international espionage, but also covers a wide range of topics, including defense, finance, technology, as well as China’s assets and activities in outer space, deep sea and polar regions.Beijing-based CCTV News quoted Chinese President Xi Jinping saying that “national security is not a far-fetching issue for ordinary people, and that everyone should be mobilized to safeguard it”.As a service to its users, it provides information on the risks of unsafe sex and the rights of men who have sex with men.Users are asked questions aimed at increasing their knowledge of HIV treatment, prevention tools and care options.The remains had been excavated in 2005 after discovery in the 1930s.It dates to about 1615 BC and is in the Xingjiang Uygur region.In addition, they are pointed to locations where they can access HIV testing and counselling.

But now the government is telling them to be wary of good-looking foreigners, as they may have ulterior motives – particularly those involving espionage.The Communist Party-ruled nation recently celebrated its inaugural National Security Education Day on April 15, aimed at promoting public awareness of national security through promotional material and events across the country.One of its posters drew attention on social media – shown in a comic called “Dangerous Love“, the poster tells the story of an attractive young Chinese civil servant named “Little Li” who meets a handsome, red-headed foreign man at a dinner party.Metro Daily cited former Public Records Office head Chu Fuk-keung as saying that the removal of the dates was disrespectful towards history. that even historical images have to be edited,” added Democratic Party legislator Roy Kwong.Accommodate the sizes of exhibition boards The LCSD told local media on Wednesday that it had removed the dates in order to accommodate the sizes of exhibition boards and to avoid reducing the actual content of the newspaper reports.

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Our vision is that all young people can live in dignity, be free of stigma and discrimination and share love no matter where they come from, what they are doing, what their sexual orientation is and what their HIV status is.” Mr Sidibé’s visit included a demonstration of the application and an online exchange with users.

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