Bios not updating

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Bios not updating

I know my flash drive works but how do i get it to show up?Flash drive is supposed to show up as HD 1-0, any suggestions?When the computer is first started, BIOS activates all of the hardware required by the computer to boot including: WARNING: Incorrectly changing the BIOS settings may leave the computer in a state in which the Operating System will no longer start.We recommend that you record the original BIOS settings before you modify them.Note: If you are not experiencing problems on your computer and are not aware of any additional features in the BIOS that are needed, then you may not need to perform the update.You can click on View Details in the Drivers page to review the release notes for the specific update to determine if the update will benefit you.Instead, I received one long beep and two short beeps. Is there a way to return to the default bios settings on this computer? HP's 'Health Check' recommended that I flash the BIOS of our new HP Dv7-1175. The utility for flashing the BIOS ran, seemed to work, shut down the computer. 1) Turned off the computer 2) Removed Battery and disconnected power cord.

In the picture below, is an example of what a BIOS chip may look like on your computer motherboard.

One of the main functions of the BIOS is to give instructions for the Power-On Self Test (POST).

This self test ensures that the computer has all of the necessary parts and functionality needed to successfully start itself, such as use of memory and a keyboard and other components.

I have the orginal F4 version and would like to update to F9 version, Loaded the newest bios on a flash drive and went through Q-flash.

When prompted on the q-flash ultiltity screen it doesnt show my flash drive only floppy drive.

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While performing the HP Health Check, it was recommended that I upgrade the existing bios.