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On this page, we have a fairly comprehensive list of LGBT Asian movies and dramas.

Well, all the ones that we could find as, let me tell you, it’s not an easy task!

A pod of whales was sighted off the islands and 25 boats set out in pursuit.

In the course of two hours, the men herded the whales inshore and eventually caused something called — in a euphemism a politician would envy — an ‘assisted stranding’.

It premiered on Broadway in 1987 and closed just over a year later in 1988.

It's had a few revivals through the years, both on Broadway in New York and the west end in London.

They are often collectively referred to as blackfish because of their colouring — although they are not fish but mammals like us.

Such is their devotion to their extended family that if one member becomes stranded on land, the rest of the pod will remain with the stricken animal, even if they endanger themselves.

For example, it will list whether it is a drama or movie (or movie short), whether it can be listed as gay, lesbian, or trans, whether the plotline in question is the main point of the movie (be it romantic or just issues based) or if it’s just a side character, and finally, for those of you out there looking of these types of titles, there are soooo many of them which end horribly (we’re not just talking heartbreak here), so when possible we’ve put in a little hint.

Disclaimer: A title showing up in this list is, in no way, an endorsement.

Read more Actor Casey Affleck's wife has filed for divorce more than a year after the couple announced their separation.

Summer Phoenix filed the petition in Los Angeles Superior Court on Monday citing "irreconcilable differences."The 41-year-old Oscar-winning actor and Phoenix were married in June 2006 and the filing states they separated in November 2015. Read more A-lister Angelina Jolie is adjusting to the domestic growing pains of life as a single mom — making a proper breakfast, keeping house and picking up dog poop.

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Tossing and turning in a scarlet sea, the dozens of pilot whales cannot escape the knife blows raining down.

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